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My website is my Internet Business Card. It is my resume, my skills and what I can do. It is how I am branding myself. I always mention my site in everything I do such as Press Releases (search engines love these), blogs, internet radio blogs, youtube videos, forums, etc.

My sig is below (this is what I use in forums).

Alan Zibluk
The Internet Guy

I use for two reasons, one is to create mystery so someone will visit my site and two advertising is taboo (you will make enemies). The best advertisement is you. Get to know people. Ask them about themselves. Be genuine. Be REAL. Build relationships.

Be sure to use your time very productively and wisely, get in and get out. We can spend hours and hours in discussions on the forums. Try not to get into debates and arguments about who's right and who's wrong. You are not going to convince anyone. State your opinion, give information, share IDEAS, get to know people and be REAL!

Use this strategy for your Internet Business Card, just be sure to visit blogs, forums, etc. that actually interest you so you know about the subject being discussed as well as being a regular contributor.

All the best,

Alan Zibluk
The Internet Guy
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Below is a link for my calendar and entrance to my Live VoIP Conference Room for training, support, FAQ's, etc. I have a "whiteboard" where I can show people just about anything. Feel free to leave me messages on my board. I am usually available after 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Thursday until 10:00 pm and sometimes on weekends. Check my calendar to be sure. The password is "guest.

Click here for My Calendar and Web Conference Room.

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